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General Information


Job title: Central Station Manager
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Job location: Charlotte, NC  28217 United States
North Carolina, North Carolina
Requisition code:
Date posted: 01/03/14
Job type: Full-Time
Market:Spacer ImageMonitoring
Job function:Spacer ImageCentral Station Employees
Central Station Employees
Job type:Spacer ImageFull-Time
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Job Description

Job description:
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Sonitrol Security Services, Inc. operates an Underwriter’s Laboratory and Factory Mutual Certified Central Station within the electronic security industry. The Sonitrol Central Station is located in Charlotte, NC and operates three shifts of approximately 15 people, twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days of the year. Sonitrol is a Franchise organization who’s Franchisor is Stanley Convergent Security, a part of Stanley /Black and Decker. The Central Station in Charlotte manages approximately 6,000 accounts, primarily commercial, throughout the Carolinas, parts of Virginia, Florida and New York.

The functions of the Central Station include the following:

• Dispatch the local Fire and / or Police department upon receiving an alarm or signal
• Programming of Customer’s panels in order to properly receive the signals installed in the field
• Communicating with the Customers regarding Call Instructions and gathering the appropriate information
• Researching and resolving Customer Issues related to their systems and ensuring Service Technicians are dispatched within stated requirements to fix problems in the field
• Providing expertise in the use of the Web based product MySonitrol that allows the customer access to their account enabling them to manage their systems
• Ensuring that the Customer’s Badging needs are met and fulfilled at the customer’s site

The Central Station Manager is responsible for the Operation of the Central Station which includes the labor scheduling, training of Operators and Programmers, review and evaluation of Central Station staff, and the best practices of signaling management. Specifically, a more specific listing of the job duties of the Central Station Manager are as follows:

• Hiring the Central Station Staff including the Operators, Programmer(s) and Badge Operations staff
• Manage the Schedule for all Associates within the Central Station under a 3 shift and on-call requirement which requires overseeing the time card process
• Ensure the soundness of the Training Program for the Operators, Programmer(s) and Badging staff and that each Associate is properly trained and tested
• Evaluate each Associate and provide reasonable feed back for improvement. The Company Annual Evaluation is within this requirement
• Manage the process of Sonitrol’s “best practices” for the Central Staff and provide for continuous improvement in the Company’s Policies and Practices
• Ensure that the Operator’s and Programmer(s) documentation is captured in the system
• Be the lead liaison between the Customer and the MySonitrol web based product
• Attend the periodic False Alarm Board meetings as Sonitrol’s representative
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Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
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• Bachelors degree (in Management ideal)
• Management experience
• Security background
• Comfortable multi-tasking
• Self motivated
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